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Birmingham feedback

Just got back from Birmingham.

I have to say that I enjoyed today – It was a great opportunity to get some valuable feedback from others taking part in the Summer Student of Innovation scheme. I’ve read all of the comments that you guys submitted to me at the end of the event (there were so many!) and I’ve compiled a list of the most common suggestions.

Good points

Many people said that NoteDump is a solid idea and that it has potential – thanks guys, this is what I like to hear 🙂

Many people said that this app should exist – again, thank you 🙂

Many people said that the app looked easy to use – goooood, I spent many hours making the app intuitive.

Many people said that they liked NoteDump’s design – awesome!

Bad points

Many people were concerned about the uploading of copyrighted notes – I’ll be writing a blog post about this soon, but for now I can’t say much more about this issue. I’m not a lawyer so these sort of things are not within my domain.

Many people complained that my idea was too similar to Google Docs – Although I agree with those people in some way, I have to disagree at the same time. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this project by making it a note management tool with pre-organised module data. The note editor is just a bonus and is actually different from Google Docs in many ways. Google docs can’t actually edit PDFs for a start :p

Good and bad (neutral?) points:

Some of you said that you didn’t like my video because it didn’t really build up excitement to the pitch. Then again, some of you said the video was good as it was straight to the point. – Seen as 50% of people are happy about the video,  and 50% are not, I consider it to be okay.

Some of you said that you wanted to see a demo. I did supply demo login credentials about 20 seconds after I shown the video – so some of you might have not heard me correctly.

I’m pretty happy about the feedback I’ve received so far. I will be releasing NoteDump to 20,000 Cardiff University students soon, so this should be another excellent opportunity for me to get feedback about the app.

One thing I did really badly today was that I completely screwed up my interview for Jisc. The words just didn’t want to come out of my mouth correctly and we had to have about 20 takes before I finally made sense. I can’t believe this happened! I’d just like to apologise to the camera crew in advance if any of you are reading this haha.

Anyhow, I’ll try to improve on all of the bad points above, as well as keep up to standard with the good points. I’ll hopefully see you all at the next event in London!

Time for a well deserved hot chocolate and bed time. I’ve been up since 5am so today slightly killed me :p