Greenwich event – To go or not to go?

Since the NoteDump team become a one man army, I’ve had to make a few life changes for this project to be able to continue. First of all, I’ve decided to quit my current job and work on this project full time. Secondly, I’ve had to stop going out clubbing completely just so I’m at full concentration to be able to work on this project. I guess this will do more good for me than bad, but when you love music as much as I do you’ll start to go cold turkey for going out.

I did actually try going down the route of finding another team member to help out with this project, but the problem was that I couldn’t find anybody local that had enough skill to actually work on this project. As the majority of the coding involved is based on low level PDF stuff, everybody I showed this project to kinda got scared and said they’d prefer not to touch any of the code just in case they messed it up. Hmm. I guess I’ll see how I cope on my own over the next month and then decide if I need to hire any external devs. I guess I could always finish all of the web & API stuff myself and then hire an external iOS and Android developer…

Anyhow, the next few weeks are going to be extremely productive. I have 3 full weeks to work on coding this project. Then I’ll be working as a mentor for Young Rewired State from the 5th of August for a week by helping young people to code. Then I’ll be enjoying a well deserved break with my friends at Reading Festival. This kinda makes up for missing out on the clubbing scene for a while 😉

I still haven’t decided if I want to go to Greenwich on my own yet though. The problem is actually finding someone to come with me as everyone I know that has a decent skillset is either away on holiday, or live ages away from me as they are home during summer break. I’ll have to make my mind up soon as time is running out. I shall update this blog when I make my mind up.


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