Introducing our project

Welcome to the first ever blog post from team NoteDump!


Team NoteDump currently consists of:

Matthew Rhys Jones

Joel Murphy

We are two Computer Science students from Cardiff University who have been successful in receiving £5000 in funding from JISC for the Summer of Student Innovation challenge. The challenge centered around an idea that would improve student life in some way. Along with 20 other ideas, we have been lucky enough to secure funding to kickstart our idea.

So what exactly is NoteDump? NoteDump is a new way for university students to manage, annotate, share and discuss their notes. Users will be able to join module communities with other people on their course so that they can interact and exchange notes. If however you don’t want to share your notes, then you can keep them private and independent whilst still being able to take advantage of annotation and organisational features.

Over the next few months our main aim is to have an operational website that allows users to sign up using their academic email address, register for modules and then upload/annotate notes for those modules.

Our aim for the year is then to provide users with the sharing and discussion features of the site just in time for the summer exams!

We have many ideas for the site and are looking forward to sharing them with you. These blogs are going to be written on a weekly basis however if you’d like more up to date information or would like to suggest an idea to us then we have just set up a twitter account where you can get in touch.

Watch this space!


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